Queima lá no alto, estrela vermelha deste Amor, guia do Dia, luz da Noite, proteção contra a tormenta, por todos os verões.

The proper name for this star, Betelgeuse, is also spelled Betelgeux,[1] Beteigeuze[9] in German (according to Bode[10][11]) and so on. There are multiple sources with competing etymologies for the star’s name. All agree that the last part of the name “-elgeuse” comes from the Arabic الجوزاء al-Jauzā’, the indigenous Arabic name for the constellation Orion, a feminine name in old Arabian legend, and of uncertain meaning. Because جوز j-w-z, the root of jauzā’, means “middle”, al-Jauzā’ roughly means “the Central One”. Later, confusingly, al-Jauzā’ was also designated as the scientific Arabic name both for Orion and for Gemini. The current Arabic name for Orion is الجبار al-Jabbār (“the Giant”), though the use of الجوزاء al-Jauzā’ in the name of the star has continued.

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