Talking with my roommate, Leo, yesternight, I got these three ideas:

  1. A software that will gather information from feeds (RSS, ATOM, etc..), allow the user to choose some of the feeds and publish them to a blog using oneof the known blog APIs available. As a matter of fact, Juliano is writing a feed aggregator himself, I might insert the blog API into it and use it for that. Also, IBM Alphaworks has come up with this neat tool called IBM Mashup Starter Kit (Windows-only 😦 ), which is supposed to do that: take informations from some sources, transform, filter, manipulate, and then publish the results to some other places.
  2. Why not make it a web application, a .war application that would allow some basic stuff like Google Reader does, but also allow the mashup? One would be able to access it from anywhere in the web. It would certainly require some heavy Java-scripting, AJAX and the works.
  3. Since it seems we’re moving steadily to AJAX and client-side Java-scripting, it would be very interesting to have some sort of .js library or separate-cache. The many different webapps would be able to rely on the already installed JS libs on the client, or load the necessary new ones (or updates). A Firefox Extension, maybe?

Just some ideas.

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