cedilha no gnome

My good friend Paulo Fagiani has just installed Ubuntu 7.04, a.k.a. Feisty Fawn. Next I see, he’s asking me how to make the C-cedilla “ç” character works as it is supposed to: “acute+c”.

I was never able to make that work in my computer, and I ended up getting used to the clumsy “AltRight+,” key combination that produces it.

Just today, Paulo sent me the recipe to get it working :-). You just have to go into the /etc/gtk-2.0 and edit the file gtk.immodules. In that file you are going to find a line like this:

"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk+" "/usr/share/locale" "az:ca:co:fr:gv:oc:pt:sq:tr:wa"

In the last string there, append ‘:en’ into it, making it look like:

"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk+" "/usr/share/locale" "az:ca:co:fr:gv:oc:pt:sq:tr:wa:en"

Save the file, restart X, and you’re good.

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8 Responses to cedilha no gnome

  1. Adriano Cunha says:

    If you’re running GTK 2.10, the /etc/gtk-2.0 directory is empty or doesn’t exist. Instead, you must change the content of file /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodule-files.d/libgtk2.0-0.immodules.

  2. russoz says:

    Adriano, muito obrigado pela dica!!!


  3. russoz says:

    I am on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) and the file is still in the same place I wrote above. And I got GTK 2.10.0 here:

    ii gtk2-engines 2.10.1-0ubuntu1
    theme engines for GTK+ 2.x


    Which distro are you using?

  4. russoz says:

    And I made the change as I described in the post and it works: çççççççççç :-o)

  5. g00s says:

    This is a great find! Made my day! Thanks!

  6. russoz says:

    You’re welcome!!!

  7. Adriano Cunha says:

    Hi Alexei,

    I’m not using Ubuntu, but Debian. Your solution worked for me until I updated to GTK 2.10. Now, after any update I always have to change the file located in the /usr/… dir. Anyway, the tip works fine, it’s just a matter of where to look for the configuration file.



  8. russoz says:


    Sabe aquelas coisas que você faz, um dia, por algum motivo, mas daí passa o tempo, e você volta meses depois, e você não somente não lembra o motivo, mas como não parece fazer absolutamente nenhum sentido que você tenha tomado aquela decisão? 🙂 Então, não acho que faça sentido algum escrever sobre cedilha, em inglês. Não, não tenho nem a mais porca idéia de porque eu decidi fazer isso naquela época.

    Enfim, já faz algum tempo eu coloquei o Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy” no computador, e a localização da configuração mudou aqui também, agora está no arquivo que você indicou.

    Muito obrigado!! 🙂


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